In our previous post, we have learned the steps to install and configure the iSCSI Target Server role in Windows Server 2019. After creating iSCSI virtual Disk with iSCSI Target, the next step will be configuring iSCSI Initiator to connect iSCSI Storage Server.

To connect the iSCSI Target virtual disk created on iSCSI Storage Server, we can use iSCSI initiator. But before we can use it, we need to configure iSCSI initiator on the server where the iSCSI Storage should be accessible.

In this guide, we will learn the required steps to connect to the iSCSI Storage server by configuring iSCSI initiator on Windows Server 2019.

Test Lab Setup:

Note: For this, we will use the virtual test lab created in VirtualBox.

  • WS2K19-DC01: iSCSI Storage Server (DC and DNS)
  • WS2K19-SRV02: Member Server (iSCSI Initiator)

Configure iSCSI Initiator on Windows Server 2019:

1. Logon to the WS2K19-SRV02 member server and open Server Manager Console.

2. Click on Tools and select iSCSI Initiator.

1. Click on iSCSI Initiator

3. A pop-up window will come up. Click on Yes to start iSCSI service and change its startup mode to Automatic.

2. Click on Yes to Start iSCSI Service

4. On iSCSI Initiator properties, click on the Discovery tab. Click on Discover Portal.

3. Click on Discover Portal

5. Enter the IP Address or FQDN of iSCSI Target Server. Click on Advanced.

4. Click on Advanced button

6. Choose the Local Adapter as Microsoft iSCSI Initiator and the Initiator IP Address from the drop-down list. Click OK.

5. Choose Initiator IP

7. Click on OK.

6. Save the changes

8. Click on the Target tab. Select the discovered target and click Quick Connect.

7. Click on Connect iSCSI Target

9. Click on Advanced.

8. Click on Advanced button

10. Set up the options as mentioned below:

  • Local Adapter: Microsoft iSCSI Initiator
  • Initiator IP: (IP Address of WS2K19-SRV02)
  • Target Portal IP: (IP Address of WS2K19-DC01)

11. Click OK when you are ready.

9. Choose Target Portal IP and Initiator IP

12. Click OK

10. Click OK

13. After a successful connection, verify the target status is Connected.

11. Verify iSCSI Target Status

Initialize the Disk and Create Volume:

14. Open Disk Management console.

12. Open Disk Management

15. Right-click on the iSCSI (Disk1) and choose Online.

13. Bring Disk Online

16. Right-click on the iSCSI (Disk1) again and choose Initialize Disk.

14. Initialize Disk

17. Please select a partition style as per your requirement. Click on OK.

15. Select the Partition style

18. Right-click on the new disk, select New Simple Volume.

16. Select New Simple Volume

19. Click Next.

17. Click Next

20. Specify Volume size and click Next.

18. Specify Volume Size

21. Assign a drive letter for the new volume then click on Next.

19. Assign Drive Letter

22. Select File System to format the volume and click Next

20. Select File System

23. Click on Finish.

21. Click on Finish

24. Verify the newly created volume in disk management console.

22. Verify New Volume

In this article, we have learned the steps to configure iSCSI initiator on Windows Server to connect iSCSI Target Storage Server.

Thank you for reading.

Video Guide on How to Install and Configure iSCSI Storage and Initiator in Windows Server 2019: